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About Aebis

  • Aebis Inc is dedicated to Knowledge Management considered as first and foremost Human Management, with a clear-cut separation from Information Technologies
  • Our goal is to promote the human side of cognitive technologies and improve human capacity in development & service of complex Human-Machine Systems
  • AEBIS Inc contributes to superior organizational performance by leveraging crucial knowledge held tacitly by too few, thereby improving team productivity, cutting avoidable losses, and mitigating key-person dependency risks
  • Other Solutions
  • Aebis Inc is a subsidiary of BFD SAS , a 34 year-old French company, specialized in:
    • Advanced Business Information Systems
    • Systems Architecture
    • Process Improvement
    • Knowledge Management
  • Since 1988, IT departments at banks, insurers and other financial institutions have trusted our team to help achieve and maintain peak performance through better modeling of information, process, and knowledge

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