A View by Business Object

Software Aebis DBIS covers widely the banking information system. Its most recent enhancement cover various subjects such as banking tariffing, management of the decision-making process, risk limits or management of communication agreements (with external partners or internal), as well as integration of operations in a multichannel environment.

The approach by Business Object is a static approach. It favors the identification of objects representing singularly a functional requirement.
On the image below the production system is represented by the Business Objects it is made of. Each Business Object can be put in relation with a subsystem, according to the principle already mentioned of switching from one approach to another.

Figure 6. The Business objects model

The detailed view of a Business Object presents the elementary classes as well as the internal relations of the Business Object.

Figure 7. The Business Object " Communication Adress "

Figure 8. Definition of a Class

The next image is the entry point of Documented Navigation, the images that follow are attached to it.

Figure 9. Options of Navigation

The options of navigation give the list of accessible information for the Business Object.

This navigation windows allows to go into details. Three items have a particular interest :
  • The sub heading of a class gives information that could meet the need of most designers when they are looking for table structures,
  • The Functionalities relating to the Class give a constant link between Functionalities and Classes,
  • The Services have been defined as “Reusable Functional Services” and may thus be considered as generic for the full Information System.

Each information presented is a possible starting point for navigation.
You will navigate within DBIS, drilling down from the broadest view to the most precise information.
Documented navigation allows, at almost any time, to return to the starting image and allows deepening the knowledge for each subsystem or each business object presented in DBIS.