A View by Subsystem

The approach by Subsystem is a dynamic approach, giving a view of the Bank - certainly subjective but consistent - as a large set of functional macro-items. Each of them has a purpose, and as we will see later, each individual item constituting these macro-items contributes to this purpose.

Each system part of Aebis DBIS Software shows the Subsystems which make it up.

Figure 2. Subsystems of the Banking Production System

Each subsystem is seen through "macroscopic functionality" or "use cases" which contribute to its purpose.

Figure 3. Use case of the Party and Customers Relationship Subsystem

The arrows illustrate the interactions between Use case and "actors".
Each use case consists of elementary functionalities.

Figure 4. Elementary Functionality "Sales Promotion"

To each image of a Elementary Functionality a definition is attached.

Figure 5. Definition of the Elementary Functionality "Management of standard messages and channels"

A "Navigation" block allows you to reach the various menus attached to the definitions of the Elementary Functionality.