• Our objective is to shorten the software development cycles of projects and to increase the IT team's efficiency. Aebis DBIS Software, our knowledge database of banking information system models, our expertise in OO and CASE-based projects are our key assets.
    We take into account the bank's strategy (upstream) and the need to safeguard projected future needs that may arise (downstream).
  • General design: We help define milestones and guidelines in order to overhaul major applications or develop new software components, using both a dynamic, use-case-driven approach and a static object modeling approach; bringing about the early identification of reusable functional services (RFS).
  • Detailed specifications: We provide a very thorough working structure for our customers' development projects, with standard definitions of the end products to be delivered for each functional service; the purpose being to effectively meet our clients' specifications and produce banking information systems able to respond to the kinds of changes anticipated in the design.
  • OO Modeling: As software complexity increases, it becomes necessary to standardize modeling languages, in order to simplify the exchange of information between teams and accelerate the integration of external applications. We introduce UML (Unified Modeling Language) to all participants and develop practical experience through numerous case studies taken from our product, AebisDBIS Software